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Orca Agate Palm Stones

Orca Agate Palm Stones

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Orca Agate, or Blue Agate or Ocean Agate, is tied to the root and throat chakra. Its energy feels like soothing ocean energy, if you enjoy working with water energy then you might energy working with Orca Agate. It is healing, balancing, grounding, and strengthening. It may also aid in past life recall and may aid in boosting the immune system. You may choose the palm stone thats drawing you in:
Lg 3: 4.45oz
Lg 4: 4.71oz
Med 1: 3.38oz
Med 2: 3.71oz
Med 3: 3.56oz
Med 4: 3.52oz
Med 5: 4.44oz
Med 6: 2.99oz
Med 7: 3.62oz
Med 8: 3.90oz
Sm 1: 2.02oz
Sm 2: 2.78oz
Sm 3: 2.39oz
Sm 4: 2.28oz
Sm 5: 2.01oz
Sm 6: 2.29oz
XSM: 1.82oz



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Ollie Garcia
Worth it!

The lines and color patches on the one I received are incredible. I love the shape of mine and it's perfect for what I was looking for. Can't wait to work with this one!