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Angelite - Angelic energy. Helps with serenity, spirit guide communication, heightens perception, and promotes compassion.
Dragon Blood Jasper - Aids in courage, strength, creativity, and personal power.
Chrysocolla - Aids in sharing your hearts wisdom, kindness, and helps with communication. It also aids in the empowerment of feminine energies.
Rhodonite - The therapist stone. Its a good emotional healer as it helps to balance emotions. It aids in healing heart break, empowering yourself, self confidence, and forgiveness.
Amazonite - The stone of courage. It aids in expression, communication, and empowerment. Helps to discover your own truth and integrity.
Tigers Eye - Helps one remain calm and courageous. It is good for balance, grounding, and discernment.
Opalite - Good for communication, transition, meditation, and enhances libido. It stabilizes your mood and increases self power.
Rainbow Moonstone - The stone of new beginning. It intensifies your feminine goddess energy, and heightens psychic gifts.



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