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Raw Aragonite with Azurite Specimens

Raw Aragonite with Azurite Specimens

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Blue Aragonite is tied to the throat, third eye, and heart chakras this crystal helps to relieve stress and enhances empathy. If you're healing deep emotional trauma, this calming crystal is the one for you! It also aids in divine communication.

Azurite is the stone of true vision. It helps intuition see beyond the ego and enhances psychic awareness. It also aids in downloading divine information as it stimulates the pineal gland.

Sm: 10g - 18g
Med: 26g - 29g
Lg: 43g

Aragonite w/ Azurite:
Sm: 6g - 8g
Med: 17g
Lg 1: 21g
Lg 2: 25g
Lg 4: 30g



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