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Smoky Quartz Towers

Smoky Quartz Towers

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Smoky Quartz is the crystal of grounding and stabilization. It is also known as the healing stone, it’s said that Smokey Quartz will help you let go of old wounds. It also is a protective stone that dispels negativity. You will receive 1 tower of your choice.

A: 2.94oz 2.25” Tall
B: 2.82oz 2.29” Tall
C: 1.5oz 2.52” Tall
D: 2.36oz 2.75” Tall
E: 2.57oz 2.54” Tall
F: 2.42oz 2.74” Tall
G: 2.04oz 2.75” Tall
H: 2.79oz 2.75” Tall
I: 2.35oz 2.85” Tall
J: 3.32oz 3” Tall
L: 5.17oz 4.5” Tall



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