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Snowflake Fluorite Palm Stone

Snowflake Fluorite Palm Stone

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Fluorite is the stone of intuition, grounding, and manifestation. It can also help with negative thoughts, denial, eating disorders, and emotional balance.
The colors of Fluorite:
Blue - Third eye chakra, healing, spiritual awakening
Green - Immune system, emotional balance, cleansing
Purple - crown chakra, third eye chakra, psychic abilities, spirit guide communication

Med: Roughly 2" long and approximately 2.4oz - 2.9oz
Lg: Roughly 2.5" long and approximately 3.8oz - 5.9oz
XL: Roughly 2.75" long and approximately 6.4oz - 6.7oz
XXL: Roughly 3" long and approximately 7.7oz



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